CSR and Sustainability Workshop

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged as a significant theme in the global business community in recent years. The explosion of sustainability and in particular climate change, has led to a radical change in business strategy.

Our consultants have worked at the heart of CSR strategy for more than 10 years, working in partnership with clients around the world to promote their improved business practices. We believe a successful and sustainable CSR programme creates value in a business or organisation and can drive performance.

We have developed a bespoke CSR and Sustainability Workshop for clients looking at developing a new, or evolving a current, CSR programme. In addition to providing an introduction to CSR, the workshop will identify CSR and sustainability activities that already take place in the company, gaps that currently exist and raise ideas for new activities, policies or initiatives that could be implemented.

Media Training

Our media training products and courses enable executives to get the right level of coaching they require to meet the demands of their role. These courses can be tailored around a particular issue or more general development of media techniques. Our training will help you to understand the media, how they work and what makes something news. The end result is focused on building your confidence and gaining a positive result with any future media engagement.

The training products we provide also cover: dealing with face-to-face stakeholder engagement; public consultations; internal communications; parliamentary and court hearings; presentations and conferences.

To discuss our media training courses and products please contact James Wright on +61 2 9963 7711 or email james.wright@redagency.com.au.