Red Agency is working with the United Nations Foundation in 10 markets around the world to help change the media perception of climate change and the current scepticism behind the science supporting human impacts upon the environment.
Corporate 4 -UNF


To strengthen the position of the UN Foundation, Red Agency needed to collaborate with a number of high profile individuals and NGOs worldwide to position the United Nations Foundation as the go-to authority on climate change science.


An outreach programme was devised, identifying the top journalists, government ministers, heads of business, sector specific experts such as marine biology and weather patterns, industry leaders and scientific research bodies – all with the objective of changing the conversation about climate change to a fact based, rather than belief based, conversation.
Meetings were arranged with these groups with the aim of a full brief on the activities the UN Foundation was undertaking, the goals it was trying to achieve, the messages it wished to align and mapping out ways in which each organisation could collaborate.


  • In total, Red Agency was responsible for partnering with and assisting the media coordination of over 30 organisations including CSIRO, Department of the Environment, The Climate Commission, the Climate Institute, Bureau of Meteorology, Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA), Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science, WWF Australia, various Universities, and the European Climate Foundation.
  • This allowed us access to a wide range of spokespeople and information and leverage the endorsement of a number of high profile individuals and journalists who support the cause of the UN Foundation.

Some of the journalists we partnered with include:

Tom Arup – The Age
John Cook –
Tristan Edis – Climate Spectator
Jess Miller – Leading food sustainability blogger
Peter Hannam – Sydney Morning Herald
Marcus Priest – Australian Financial Review
Oliver Newman – The Guardian Australia
Sara Philips – ABC Environment