Aerogard engaged Red Agency to contribute to its brand campaign ‘It’s the Aussie Summer, Not the Mozzie Summer’.
Red Agency created a new digital tool that provides information to help protect families from mosquitoes and encourages them to enjoy the outdoors. The tool – the Mozzie Index powered by Aerogard – is an innovative, world first online tool that enables Aussie families to reclaim their summer empowered by information provided by Aerogard.
Consumer 1 - Mozzie Index


Red’s primary objective was to create a modern voice for a traditional brand and give the client an ownable brand device for Aerogard giving them an original point of difference in its category.


We enlisted mosquito expert, Dr Cameron Webb, Medical Entomologist from University of Sydney to assist in determining predictive methodology and participate as a spokesperson. Users type their suburb/postcode into the Index and receive a prediction of mozzie activity for the coming week.


The Mozzie Index powered by Aerogard received:

  • 87,505 website visits by Australians over the 2012/13 summer season, with average site visit duration of 1.13 minutes.
  • Secured 100+ media items with a reach of 7 million+ all including key messages and call to action.
  • Gained 0.7% market share and achieved +3.6% sales growth.
  • Due to its success in terms of consumer engagement, brand positioning sales and market share the Mozzie Index powered by Aerogard will be used as an online tool beyond the current campaign and will be rolled out across other international markets.