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Red Agency was engaged by the Australian Taxi Industry Association (ATIA) in August 2014 to implement a major public relations, social media and marketing campaign to combat the emergence of illegal ride-hailing applications, such as UberX. The taxi industry was feeling extremely threatened by this new service that, although illegal in every state, was rapidly growing in popularity. The issue was that each State Taxi Council operated independently from each other, with different transport laws and regulators in each state. In addition to this, each taxi network also viewed all others as competitors, so they were not open or accustomed to the idea of working together. The challenge for Red Agency was to create a campaign that would unite all the taxi councils and the taxi networks across the country in the common goal of combating UberX, and reinforcing in the public’s mind both the positive role taxi’s play in the community, and the dangers of getting into an unregulated cab.



To achieve this, Red Agency developed a major PR, social media and marketing campaign called ‘Grab a Cab!’ which promoted all the features that make up a licenced, authorised cab and stressed the importance of the public supporting the taxi industry, both to ensure its sustainability and their own personal safety. Prior to the campaign’s implementation, Red Agency undertook an extensive stakeholder engagement process with the ATIA’s eight state and territory councils in order to ensure the strategy was seamlessly rolled out right across the country. This included developing and distributing media kits and campaign briefing documents to each council, as well as presenting at key industry conferences in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Red Agency then coordinated the rollout of ‘Grab a Cab!’ stickers on taxis across the country before organising and running a press conference in Sydney to officially launch the campaign.  This was immediately reinforced with a series of national PR campaigns and statewide promotional initiatives that highlighted the benefits of official, regulated taxis over illegal ride-hailing services.



  • The ‘Grab a Cab!’ campaign has been adopted by every state and territory, with stickers rolled out on cabs in nearly every major network across the country.
  • It is the first time a national campaign has been adopted by the taxi industry, with all State Councils supporting the campaign with a combination of marketing collateral, PR campaigns and launches.
  • The initial campaign launch in New South Wales was so well-received that Western Australia are now planning their own launch, and the New Zealand Taxi Federation has also enquired about rolling the campaign out across its taxi networks, where it also faces the threat of UberX.
  • More than 12 pieces of media coverage were achieved in the first month of launching ‘Grab a Cab!’ with hits including SBS Wold News, Yahoo 7!, Nine MSN, The 7:30 Report, Sky News Business and The Courier Mail, and over 21 million Australians have been reached through PR activity alone.
  • More than 800 Australians follow ‘Grab a Cab!’ on Facebook and Twitter with high levels of engagement and a strong month to month growth rate for both platforms.

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