The Victorian Building Commission needed to modify its collateral for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) improve stakeholder relations.  engaged Red Agency for two purposes; to rewrite and redesign its collateral for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program and to organise its CPD Awards night.

Government 2 - Building Comission


Red Agency was engaged for two key purposes; to rewrite and redesign the Victorian Building Commission’s CPD program and to organise the its CPD Awards Night.


We conducted a situational analysis and advised significantly changing the CPD collateral, to make it small enough to fit neatly into a car’s glove box, cut back the copy and encourage builders to go online for additional information.
In addition, Red recommended creating a series of characters for the Careers in Building brochure to encourage teenagers to enter the building industry.
Red Agency organised the CPD Awards night including full development and production of all collateral, arranging ministerial attendance at the awards and running the event on the night.


  • Feedback from the Victorian Building Commission was that Red had created new and improved collateral that “really hit the mark”.
  • Red Agency facilitated the development of mutually beneficial relationships for CPD
  • The CPD Awards ceremony enjoyed record attendance resulting in greater recognition amongst builders that continual professional development is important.