Red Agency has worked with for most of 2015 on a project by project basis.

The tasks we have undertaken include:

  • Creating and promoting the carsales quarterly insights report
  • Media training its top 16 executives
  • Promoting its 2015 Car of the Year
  • Getting its drink driving test on ACA
  • Creating a Wikipedia entry
  • Developing its annual report and interim report
  • Ad hoc media relations activity
  • In 2016, we have also started to work with another carsales business, Redbook

To date our media relations outreach has concentrated on broadcast, primarily because News Ltd (carsguide) and Fairfax (drive) have competitor products.


Across several projects Red Agency has achieved the following outcomes:

  • Secured over 50 pieces of coverage for various projects
  • For the carsales quarterly insights report, 37 pieces of coverage were secured, with a total potential reach in excess of 15 million
  • For carsales Car of the Year Awards in 2015, we secured 20 pieces of coverage in total, including 11 broadcast pieces
  • Total reach of the Car of the Year Awards campaign was over 200,000

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