In December 2006, Sydney pledged to turn out the lights for one hour in March 2007, to show the world what can be achieved if consumers and businesses work together.
Corporate 1 - Earth Hour


WWF-Australia charged Red with spreading the message. Red developed a comprehensive media relations campaign to raise awareness across all levels of Sydney society from the CBD to Penrith to Cronulla, north to Hornsby and throughout the East.


The PR programme was also designed to influence big business, city workers, students, sports fans, music lovers and everyone in-between. Red worked in close collaboration with all partners including Fairfax Media, WWF-Australia and Leo Burnett.
The Red Agency Earth Hour mantra – change attitudes and actions will follow.


• The noise of darkness was heard far and wide – media in the UK, Italy, China, USA and countries from all corners of the globe applauded Sydney’s approach.
• Local media support was massive with blanket coverage in newspapers, on TV, radio and online generated through the close collaboration of Red Agency and the WWF-Australia press office.
• As a result, Red Agency was awarded the PRIA National Golden Target Award 2007 in the Environmental Category for its work on Earth Hour.