The Challenge

The Book of Mormon is a hit satirical musical from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Tapping into their personal experiences in the US, the pair believed that no community could be as “nice” as the Mormons, so they gave them the comic treatment. With The Book of Mormon launching in Melbourne, our brief was to capitalise on the increased attention to promote the faith.

The Solution

We tackled the many misconceptions the musical makes of the faith, and brought the real Book of Mormon to life, amplifying our creative insight “you’ve seen the play, now read the book” through the voices of the Mormons themselves under the banner ‘Faces of Faith’.

Through PR and social media we highlighted that unlike the show’s portrayal Mormons aren’t a cult full of naïve Missionaries who knock on doors and have multiple wives, but one of the world’s most caring people who bring value to their communities.

The social campaign followed a ‘Humans of New York’ style narrative giving local Mormons a platform to share what their faith means to them. The positive approach surprised media and the general public alike.

The Results

28 media clips
Predominantly positive or neutral
$410K+ AVE,
$1.2M + PR value
40M reach through media
2.1M social impressions
861,817 social reach
149,223 engagements
32,320 clicks to website
828 social comments