Mortein is Australia’s leading pest control brand. Louie the Fly is Mortein’s brand mascot; he heads up the longest continuously running campaign in television history. Mortein’s primary objective was to strengthen the connection that Louie has with his fan base and reach younger generations that are either new or future consumers to the category.
Activation 4 - Immortalise Louie


Our challenge was to find a way for Mortein to tap into the popularity of Louie the Fly and sustain the momentum generated from last pest season’s campaign (Kill/Save Louie the Fly). Our strategy was to champion Louie as an Aussie icon  and get him immortalised as a waxwork in the Sydney museum which would make him the world’s smallest ever waxwork model on display at Madame Tussauds museums across the globe, eclipsing Tinkerbell’s record of 5.5 inches by measuring just ten centimetres.

The campaign would rally the public and media would be driven to support Louie’s cause to be considered as a waxwork and get him to join the likes of Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem and Layne Beachley at Madame Tussauds Sydney.


We began by approaching Madame Tussauds Sydney to see if they would consider having Louie the Fly inducted into the wax museum. The response was a “no”; the museum claim Louie would never make it onto their ‘most requested’ characters as voted by the public and wasn’t the ‘right fit’ or ‘popular enough’ to merit a spot amongst its illustrious list of stars, despite over 90% of Australians recognising Louie and knowing the famous ‘Louie the Fly’ jingle and having a growing army of over 273,000 Facebook fans behind him.

We decided we wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and spread the messaqe out to media, through his Facebook page. We then took him out to the streets to garner further public support and petition Madame Tussauds to change their mind.

We commissioned a specialist team to develop a model in scale of what he would look like as a waxwork, which would give the public a taste of how success would look like. This model – which would be the world’s smallest waxwork model – would also provide content for media and social media.

We also took Louie to high-footfall locations in Sydney, including George, World Square and Darling Harbour, handing out branded ‘Support Louie the Fly’ fridge magnets. We also created t-shirts for promo staff to wear to highlight our call to action message and encourage people to sign the petition.

Thousands pledged their support for Louie The Fly’s waxwork mission on his Facebook page ( with more putting pen to paper on the streets of Sydney to back their favourite fly. The final stage of the saw Louie marching into Madame Tussauds with the scroll of names in support, whilst simultaneously holding his own pop-up wax museum, where the public could take photos with Louie and view the waxwork figure which provided further shareable content for social media.


  • The petition to get Louie into Madame Tussauds achieved a total of 11,000 pledges of support, with 400 of those coming from the roadshow.
  • Roadshow reach – 281,000+ footfall in Sydney over three days; 2,500 people received Louie magnets.
  • The campaign received in excess of 70 PR media items, including The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph and The Australian, reaching an audience of 71, 692,339. The number of coverage achieved is double that of the 2012 period (January-March)

The Louie the Fly Facebook page had generated an extra 1,700 fans over the campaign period, with 2,900+ comments, 17,000+ likes, and 1,20