With a number of new craft whiskey brands available on shelves, Jack Daniel’s was losing prominence and dropping in popularity amongst shoppers. To help raise the brand’s profile, Red Agency was tasked with creating a campaign aimed at whiskey-loving, 40+ blue collar workers, to remind them of Jack Daniel’s and its simplicity.



Red Agency created The Bar That Jack Built: the world’s first crowd-sourced bar. Through a six week social media campaign, we offered people the chance to come and work for Jack by helping build the bar, in exchange for whiskey. The more materials, time or expertise they volunteered, the more Jack Daniel’s they received – along with a ticket to the exclusive event.

The entire makeup of the event was crowd-sourced, from the bar to the workforce, collection truck, invitations, entertainment and three of the six content films created for the evening.



Following the social media campaign and event, the Jack Daniel’s Facebook page received 10,000 new fans, with an estimated $178,000 worth of donated time, materials and expertise put into the creation of the bar. The campaign received $80,000 in earned media with the idea rolling out in the US, Germany and Russia in 2015.