On Christmas eve 2015, Red was briefed by the Victorian Government’s Department of Education (DEP) to develop a strategy that would raise awareness and drive action around the increasing number of incidents of children locked in cars.

This brief came off the back of the highly successful NSW Government campaign around the same topic, which was gained a lot of media from a stunt using Matt Moran and the cooking of lamb in a heating up vehicle.

The challenge for Red Agency was two fold:

1.Recent competitor campaigns meant risk of media fatigue
2.Late briefings, tight time frames and resources/suppliers on Christmas break



Red Agency developed a strategic response that included a series of tactical and social ideas, and most importantly could be turned around quickly.

The campaign was designed to talk to key audiences in emotive and relevant ways – driving opportunities for online and offline coverage, and engagement from influencers within the mothering community.

Our approach involved:

  • Appointing well-known Melbourne mother and influencer, Rebecca Judd, as the face of our campaign
  • Developing arresting media materials including timelapse footage of a car heating up, and a child’s perspective from inside a car as emergency services smash a window
  • A media launch at The Glen shopping centre to capture foot traffic, raise awareness and launch our call to action through Today Show
  • Public shopping centre activations across key regional centres to sign up passers-by for our petition through a interactive gif booth
  • Media relations outreach supporting our campaign call to action



The Never Leave Kids In Cars campaign was a huge success, with huge social traffic around the launch of the program on January 12 – and also across the three day roadshow the following week.

Releasing the Ambulance Victoria numbers for children rescued from hot cars in December  on launch day created the conversation. And the large media contingent that attended the launch helped drive the awareness as did our social media during the day.

Extreme heat in Melbourne that week also helped drive the conversation across traditional media channels.

Social by the numbers:

  • Potential reach of 6.5 million across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook cross two days (January 12 and 13)
  • #neverleavekidsincars trended on Twitter on launch day
  • Actual reach of 722,222 people
  • Equivalent advertising value of social media $79,862
  • Engagement was high with an average of three reactions (comments or shares) per unique post
  • 40% of activity was across Twitter, 40% on Instagram and 20% on Facebook

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