Warner Bros. Consumer Products were looking for an innovative and engaging way to celebrate their anniversary.
Activation 6 - Warner Bros


A Red Agency brainstorm led to the idea of celebrating the anniversary by having an attempt on the Guinness World Record for the most number of people dressed in superhero costumes simultaneously in one location.


Red’s strategy in the lead up to the event was to secure significant online publicity which was achieved. In the week leading up to the event the publicity shifted to print, radio and television.

Red engaged high-profile radio presenters by sending Superman and Batman suits to all key metropolitan stations, encouraging them to urge members of the public to help beat the record.


  • Pre-event coverage comprised more than 45 pieces of coverage across online, print and broadcast.
  • Highlights included the 7pm Project, mX (cover feature), The Age, and interviews on ABC 774 and SEN 116 with presenters Dermott Brereton, Andy Maher and Tim Watson dressing up for their program.
  • Event coverage was extensive including Channels 7, 9 and 10 news, Channel Ten’s The Circle, Hey, Hey It’s Saturday, ABC3, and Kids’ WB. Not only did the coverage go national, it also appeared in China, India and the US.
  • The existing world record of 1,091 set at the Emirates London Sevens the week before lasted just seven days as 1,245 people attended the Melbourne event.