To promote the launch of Warrnambool Cheese & Butter’s limited edition Vintage 44 cheddar, Red Agency Melbourne hosted an intimate cheese tasting event.
Local food and lifestyle bloggers were invited to taste and review Vintage 44, along with other Cracker Barrel range cheeses, and paired with Sirromet wine. The event was brought to life and hosted by Dave Mellor, Warrnambool’s ‘cheese barista’ who presented the ‘10 Commandments for Festive Cheese Platters’.


Bloggers sampled Cracker Barrel Vintage 44 Cheddar, Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheddar and Mil Lel Parmesan at the event, along with unbranded brie and blue cheese to add more diversity to the tasting. As the bloggers were sampling the cheese and wine, Dave talked through each pairing and explained why the flavours worked well together. Dave also demonstrated how to put together three cheese snacks at home: the Vintage 44 with honey, dates and walnuts; brie pinxtos with fruit chutney, and Mil Lel parmesan with a drizzle of balsamic glaze. At the conclusion of the event, each attendee received a hamper of WCBF products including Vintage 44, and  a cheese serving platter. 


  • The  event resulted in a potential audience reach of 93,042 across  bespoke blogs, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • Each post published after the event was positive about the brand, and of Dave’s expertise
  • Using Dave as the ‘face’ of the event brought the WCBF brand to life, as well as injected youth into an industry often thought to be quite traditional
  • Most to all event attendees said (in passing or in their blog post) they have a new appreciation of vintage cheese and cheese tasting standards

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