Red Agency was tasked with launching Western Sydney University – formerly The University of Western Sydney. Our brief was to launch the new brand positioning to the media, key stakeholders and public in the run up to Open Day. During the life of the campaign we were also required to respond extremely quickly to a leak of the rebrand three weeks prior to the official launch date – including a #savethebird campaign and petition. We were also tasked with enhancing the Open Day event to attract prospective students, working in partnership with Red Guerilla.



We knew of the potential for a backlash. We did two things to prepare for it – build pride in the community through a campaign for the New Western Sydney #NewWS. This included working with celebrities and organisations to position the campaign properly with the local community. We also had extensive scenario plans to manage any crisis. As it was the news of the rebrand leaked and both of these things came into play. We moved forward our press conference, changing the location and format to make the University more relatable. And we worked one-on-one with those pushing against change to help them understand the reason why, with students that were already on board and bought into the value of the difference the University was trying to make.




  • 36 celebrity posts – 3,000 total posts
  • Over 4 million total reach (double target)
  • Doubled ROI target (cost per impression $0.0098)
  • Tripled engagement target – 28,479 likes, shares & comments
  • Over 5,000 new followers
Rebrand and Open Day

  • 146 pieces of coverage
  • Over 8.9million total media reach
  • Over 160 mins broadcast coverage
  • 78% key message penetration post-press conference
  • #1 trend on Facebook – #4 on Google
  • Footfall of 2014 exceeded (6,000+)
  • Deng Thiak Adut TVC  went viral – reaching international media

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